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Polyurethane Foam machine for end cover of filter

Polyurethane Foam machine for end cover of filter

Polyurethane Foam machine for end cover of filter

Product Details:

Place of Origin: CHINA
Certification: ISO9001,SGS
Model Number: JSHB-20

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1 SET
Price: Negotiated
Packaging Details: Export standard packing
Delivery Time: Normal 45 days
Payment Terms: TT/LC,negotiated
Supply Ability: 30 SETS/MONTH
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Detailed Product Description


1. Features:
1.1: Mixing head: New-style pouring valve, accurate and synchronous outlet without block-up.
1.2: Metering pump: Using high precise metering pump, stepless variable drive, with range of ratio adjustment, reliable quality.
1.3: System: Controlled by computer, with temperature,pressure,rotating speed and cleaning system in it.
1.4: Can select using water as cleaning system, save the production cost and protect the environment.
1.5: Barrel: Layered-type insulating, using SUS304 stainless.
1.6: Adopt the numerical control device to drive the working bench, move according to the orbit that the procedure establishes, can pour the products into the round,square ecial irregular forms automatically, with the high efficiency and credible.
2.Technical parameter
2.1 Model: JSHB-20 
2.2 Foam type:soft foaming,half-hard foaming
2.3 Viscosity:(22℃)
      ISO.:   ~10000mPas
2.4 Injection flow(mix ratio 2:1): 5—16g/s;
          adjust range of mix ratio: 5:1~1:1
2.5 Injection time:0.01~9.99(accuracy reach 0.01s)
2.6 Measure unit:measure accuracy ≤0.5%
The metering unit is equipped for component’s high precision metering, including frame,  frequency convertor gear motor, metering pump, safety valve, electrical pressure transducer, rotational velocity transducer. Frequency convertor gear motor and metering pump are connecte are linked via the coupling.
Component POLY ISO
NO. 1 1
Metering pump model K6BG(6cc/r) K2.4BG(2.4cc/r)
Motor power(kw) 0.75 0.37
Speed(rpm) 20-120 20-120
2.7 Pressure limitation & control system
Both POLY and ISO components working pressure are allowed in a range of 0~2Mpa. Whenever the working pressure exceeds the range, the pouring operation will be stopped automatically and make an alarm .
2.8 Flow inspection and control system
Base on the pump’s flow out and the components’ mixing requirement and related parameters; the flow out of the single component is controlled by adjusting the running speed of the motor, mating with the feeding valve to pour the material into the container separately , then meter the quantity of raw material and inspect,modify the parameter of flow out and mixing ratio, so as to realize the adjustment and control of the components'flow out.
2.9 Filter 
Two components have independent mesh filter between metering pump and barrel. Filtering accuracy is 330μm.
2.10 Mixing head (Two components)
The material sprays into the mixing cavity through the needle shaped valve with special cleaning device; meanwhile sprays out accurately, synchronously, without any clogging.
---- Mixing head mechanical mixing is driven by the motor.The motor and the mixing axis are linked via the flexible coupling
---- Auto or manual mix;
---- Cylinder control valve open and close;
---- Needle type adjust-valve balance each component;
---- Controller on mix head control: foaming, stop foaming, cleaning, emergency stop;
---- Mix head can be moved forward and backward; Can take away when do cleaning..
2.11 Frame
Including 20L SUS tank,with visible liquid measure meter, safety valve, high pressure unit and related devices.
---- Magnetic valve control air-push and liquid cleaning ;
---- Compressed air for blow out remainder and dry;
---- Cleaning process can be automatic or manual;
---- High pressure pipe;
---- Pressure 0.15Mpa;
---- MC sign;
2.13 POLY:1 unit
---- Effective volume:120L;
---- Layered-type insulating, using SUS304 stainless steel;
---- Max. work pressure:0.6MPa;
---- One heat safe valve,setting pressure 0.25MPa;One relief- pessure valve, setting pressure is 0.05~0.45MPa, control barrel max. compressed air input pressure.
---- Two manual stop valves installed exit (side one for sewage);
---- Liquid display unit;
---- Temperature probe;
---- Mixer in barrel,power 0.55KW,speed 51rpm,with mechanical seal device.
---- Max. allowed work temperature 100℃;
---- Insulation layer outside;
---- POLY Sign;
2.14 ISO:1 unit
---- Effective volume:120L;
---- Layered-type insulating, inner SUS304 stainless steel;
---- Max. work pressure:0.6MPa;
---- One heated safety valve,setting pressure 0.25MPa;
---- One relief-pressure valve, setting pressure is 0.05~0.45 Mpa, control barrel max. compressed air input pressure;
---- Two manual stop valves installed exit (side one for sewage);
---- Liquid display unit;
---- Temperature probe;
---- Mixer in barrel,power 0.55KW,speed 51rpm,with mechanical seal device;
---- Max. allowed work temperature 100℃;
---- Insulation layer outside;
---- ISO sign;
2.15 Temperature control unit:
Heating power 6KW(Three phase), Layered-type constant temperature, three barrel’s temperature can be controlled separately.
2.16 Electric control system
Main parts are imported,enable the safety reliablity of control system;
Electric cabinet contains:
---- Program controller;
---- Servo motor driver;
---- I/O control card;
---- Various relay, contactor, button;
---- Software and program
2.17 Pipe and air process system
2.18 Power, size
Input voltage:3×380V/50HZ(AC)
Control voltage:220V/24V 
Relay voltage:24V    
Input power:5KW( approx) ;
3.CNC worktable
3.1 Configuration
---- Program controller one unit;
---- Two servo motors;
---- Ball screw/guide rail two sets;
---- Assemble frame system;
3.2 Capacity 
---- Speed 0-300mm/s,adjustable;
---- Worktable size 500 mm×600 mm(customized);
---- Long-distance controller;

OPTION DEVICE                                           

                                                              Air fliter circle conveyor disk(16 stations) 


                   Polyurethane Foam machine for end cover of filter

                                               (Reference photo from the buyer)

16 stations air fliter circle conveyor disk contains frame,circle rotational table, pneumatic pressed posotions(mould frame), temperature control system and disk driven system )

2.Main parameter
2.1 Frame 
     Steel material made
2.2. Circle rotational table
Steel material made, dia of 2.8m, with 10mm steel plate on the  table surface, so as to set the positions(mould frame )Centre part with a rotational axis and circular distributor ring with power of 30kw, so as to provide the heating power for each positions(moulds)
2.3 Pneumatic pressed posotions(mould frame)
Numbers: 16
Plate dimensions 300x400mm.
Automatic opening and closing of the plates ( or manual depending on the client's choice by pneumatic slide .
Up-Plate height could be adjusted by screw and hand-wheel, the max height is 300mm.BlowPlate is made of corrosion resisting aluminum alloy, inner part with the electric actuator (resistance) and controlled by the temperature system , The temperature can be regulated as desired up to 90°C.
2.4 Temperature control system
The temperature control unit sets in the middle the each two positions, to enhance the easy control and adjustment (28 sets temperature control unit in total .
Automatis options of heating and not-heating during the operation process, also with the alarm device.Each plate with a temperature sensor and related temperature control meter, thus the temperature control could be operated separately.
2.5 Disk driven system
It’s controlled by the frequency convertor motor and gear frequency, so as to keep the stable of the disk moving speed Moving speed could be adjusted according to the real product needs with the range of 2-8 min/r.

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