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Polyurethane Foam sealing machine-advanced model

Polyurethane Foam sealing machine-advanced model

Polyurethane Foam sealing machine-advanced model

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Place of Origin: CHINA
Certification: ISO9001,SGS
Model Number: INTC-30

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1 SET
Price: Negotiated
Packaging Details: Export standard packing
Delivery Time: Normal 45 days
Payment Terms: TT/LC,negotiated
Supply Ability: 30 SETS/MONTH
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Detailed Product Description
Related Industry: Cabinets,lighting,automobile And Other Sealing Fields

Detailed Product Description 
1.System Description
Standard system consists of spreading platform, spreading host, human-computer interface control parts, solvent self-cleaning system,automatic exhaust system.
System is compatible with CAD design software and project memory. (In accordance with  project No.).
System is suitable for two component polyurethane adhesive soft foam (suitable for enclosure, lighting and 
automobile etc. foamed-in-place foam gasket sealing).
Feed system have manual and automatic feed function.
Pouring head have anti-drip, leak function.
Feed tank can automatic control liquid level.
X-axis, Y-axis using 750W servo motor, Z-axis using stepper motor.
Electric components choose Schneider.
Measurement system uses two stepping drives, they can arbitrary adjustable the two components materials ratio, adjust A / B raw Materials proportion ranging: 100:15 ~ 50.
Metering pump metering accuracy, the two components materials weight mixing ratio error is less than ± 0.3% Materials of the heating method using indirect heating,heating temperature between room temperature and 65 ° C can be adjusted ,using a digital display temperature controller and probe for automatic control and display, temperature control error of ± 2 ° C, temperature digital display table showed an accuracy of 0.1 ° C.
The use of high-speed mixing system, adjustable stirring speed, stirring speed range: 1000~ 4500rpm.
Process according to the needs of temperature, and the proportion of two-component and pouring volume to adjust by the computer abd monitor.
System control is based on powerful industrial CNC unit with linear, circular, and helical interpolation ability. The modular architecture of the CNC control unit allows easy integration in existing production lines. The systemhas Industrial operator panel with 5.7“ color touch display and membrane keypad as an operator friendly interface for programming, running and controlling the machine. All the operating parameters, such as output, dispensing values, speed and acceleration/deceleration ramps can be monitored and controlled through extensively visualized menus.

2. Environmentally friendly cleaning system (Equipment needs matching)

Biodegradable cleaning agent is used for mixing head cleaning system which separated out from the waste, recycled after the flushing and used several times. It is a real proven alternative to cleaning systems with methylene chloride in terms of performance, economy and greatly improved environmental health and safetyproved environmental health and safety

3. Technical Values
The equipment of effective work scope: 2500 * 1200mm,Z- axis can be  can be arbitrary adjustable when working scope is 0 ~ 200 mm ( can spreading on the enclosure panel and box, the enclosure box thickness reach to 1000mm).

Polyurethane Foam sealing machine-advanced model

Polyurethane Foam sealing machine-advanced modelPolyurethane Foam sealing machine-advanced model


---- The best spreading speed: the normal is 6 to 10m / min, could reach almost 50m/min max.
---- The smallest turning angle is R ≥ 5mm.
---- Equipment’s total area: long 7 m * wide 5 m * high 3 m.
---- The best working environment temperature: 20 to 30 ° C.
---- Voltage: three-phase power 380V, 50HZ.
---- Total Power: 11 kw.
---- Requirements of the scene with the main air source: the flow is not less than 1 m3/min, the pressure is not lower than 0.6Mpa.
---- Dosing: 2 high precision pumps for dosing, 2 pumps for recirculation.
---- Dosing precision : ±0.2%
---- Resetting precision: ±0.05 mm
---- Output quantity: 0.05g/s-100g/s.
---- Mixture ratio range :1:1 ~ 20:1
---- Hardness:From shore 7A-75A
---- Strip width of 8 mm ~ 30mm can be arbitrary adjustable.
---- Strip height of 2 mm ~ 8 mm can be arbitrary adjustable.


Polyurethane Foam sealing machine-advanced model


4. Advantages

●Excellent sealing performance

Intelligent equipment and polyurethane materials, guarantee the product’s stable quality. In any environment,it can do complete sealing.That is to say damp, dust, harmful substances can all be blocked out. The products have the features of good resistance to tensile, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, and fracture resistance,etc.

● Reliable security features
Well-equipped early warning, prevention systems and environment  friendly design,provide customers an      important guarantee for the safety and health.
● Higher productivity Sealing system explains a simple process.Its high degree of automation get high-speed, efficient and convenient sealing work finished in one step without extra procedure.        

                                                            PART II  DEATAILED TECHNICAL PARAMETERS



1. Summarization

Standard Polyurethane shaping machine is built by 1 Low pressure pouring system and 1 Numerical Control Worktable.

Standard system consists of one POLY barrel and one ISO barrel, and the two metering units are driven by two independence motors, through change variable high- pressure displacement of the metering pump’s flow out to control the metering pump’s output. 

Such machine is very suitable for making filters and pouring Polyurethane to electric panel door to prevents the dust from going inside.

2. Main parameters and descriptions for the equipment

2.1 Machine type and Model No.: Two components dosing type / INTC-30


Polyurethane Foam sealing machine-advanced model

2.2 Suitable foaming system: flexible foam, half-rigid foam
2.3 Suitable material viscosity (when material temp of 22℃): 
Polyol :  max. 30,000 mPas
Isocyanate: max. 1,000 mPas
2.4 Pouring output (when mixing ratio of 2:1: 1-8 g/sec, with ratio range adjustable 20:1~1:1
2.5 Sample pouring program time: 0.01~9.99sec (accurate to 0.01s)
2.6 Metering unit:
Measurement accuracy≤0.5%
Component material A B
Quantity 1 1
Metering pump type K1.2BG (1.2CC) K0.6BG (0.6CC)
Power of motor(KW) 0.75 0.75
Speed of motor(RPM) 20-130 20-130
Pump-shaft sealing lubrication DOP DOP

2.7 Working pressure limit and control systemAll the parts such as Shift motor,Gear metering pump, Bracket, coupling is using to metering the components’ flow out.

Both polyol and isocyanate side working pressure are allowed in a range of 0~40 bar. Whenever the working pressure exceed the range, the machine will be stopped automatically and give an alarm at the same time.

2.8 Components' flow output control and testing units
Bases on the pump’s flow out and the components’ mixing requirement and related parameters; the flow out of the single component is controlled by adjusting the running speed of the motor, mating with the feeding valve to pour the material into the container separately , then meter the quantity of raw material and inspect,modify the parameter of flow out and mixing ratio, so as to realize the adjustment and control of the components’ flow out. 
2.9 Component filter
Two group copy furnished with clean line crack type filter since separately , which are setted between the metering pumps and the material tanks. Filter precision is accurate to 330¦Ìm. Rotate the axle of the filter and fixed blowdown regularly.
2.10 Mixing head   
Materials spout to the mixing chamber by needle liking valve, and the outlet is nicety and no block.
----Using Servo motor to drive the agitator mixing mechanical.
The motor and the agitator are using belt transmissions, the speed is adjusted by change the motor running speed though the HMI.
----On testing status, the motor and the shaft do not run.
----The stirring’s advance and lag time are controlled by the electric system, two modes of  “Automatic” and  “Manual “ for options.
----Open or Close of valves is controlled by the pneumatic cylinder.
----The mixing head,mixing chamber and the awl shaped nozzle are convenient to take down.
----The needle shaped regulating valves can adjust the the pressure balance of the each component .
---- Nozzle- lock system can ensure the high precision of material feeding, the bonding area  is closely sealed (Apply for the technology patent)
2.11 Machine frame
Machine frame
Using for fixing the tank,metering pump,pipe,control system.
2.12 Mixing head cleaning system
The mixing head cleaning system contains one 20L stainless steel barrel, with level meter,  safety valve and some instruments.
---- Process of washing and blowing are controlled by Electric Valve
---- Compressed air is used to blow out the leftover in the mixing head and to dry the impregnant.
---- The time of Blowing and Washing is controlled by PLC, the parameter is setted though  the HMI directly.
---- Blowing and Washing can be controlled by program or manual.
---- Exhaust is operated by manual.
---- The pipeline of blowing and washing are constituted by the menstruum of high pressure  pipe.
---- The setted pressure of blowing and washing is 0.15Mpa.
---- Stirring axis is synchronously moving when washing. 
---- When washing the shaft is running synchrony.
---- With MC outside the pot.
2.13 Polyol Tank  1 PC
---- Effective volume: 20 liters; 
---- Intermediate layer type, the floor SU304 stainless steel material inside; 
--- The max working pressure: 0. 60MPa; 
---- One heated cover safety valve, setted working pressure as 0. 25MPa; One relief pressure valve with manometer, setted the working pressure as  0.05~0.45MPa,which control the max intake pressure of compressed air into the material tank.
---- Automatic filling mouth install non-return valve; 
---- Export the mouth and install two manual stop valves through the three direct links ( the stop valve of the bypass is used in blow down among them); 
---- With Temperature sensor
---- The max. Operating temperature allows to 100℃;
---- With stirring axis, power 0.12KW, rotational speed 51rpm; Attached with mechanical sealed device, which ensures tight of foaming technology requirement.
 ---- With heat preservation outside.
---- Marked with “POLY".
2.14 ISO Tank   1 PC
---- Effective volume: 20 liters; 
---- Intermediate layer type, the floor SU304 stainless steel material inside; 
---- The greatest working pressure: 0. 60MPa; 
---- One heated cover safety valve, setted working pressure as 0. 25MPa; 
---- One relief pressure valve with manometer, setted the working pressure as 0.05~0.45MPa, which  control the max intake pressure of compressed air into the  material tank.
---- Automatic filling mouth install non-return valve; 
---- Export the mouth and install two manual stop valves through the three direct links  (the stop valve of the bypass is used in blow down among them );  
---- With temperature sensor  
The max.  Operating temperature allows to 100℃;
----With heated preservation outside.
---- Marked with “B”

Polyurethane Foam sealing machine-advanced model


2.15 Temperature control unit
Heating: 2*0.5 Kw
Two heating units control the heating of two barrels separately, by the cooling unit to reach the technics requirement of controlling the foaming material’s temperature automatically. Polyurethane Foam sealing machine-advanced model
2.16 Piping system
Including soft tubes for to delivery material , feeding tubes fixing on the mixing head , material in-out tubes connect with material tanks.
---- POLY component adopts polyurethane soft tubes.
---- ISO component adopts wire reinforced teflon high pressure tubes.
---- The tubes for delivery compressed air and washing solution are solvent resistance high pressure tubes .

Polyurethane Foam sealing machine-advanced model


2.17 Numerical robot technology parameters
---- Max sliding speed: 20m/min
---- Max accelerated speed: 4m/s2
---- Resetting precision: ±0.05 mm
---- Worktable’s moving area:2500 mm×1200 mm×200 mm(X×Y×Z).  
Can be adjusted  according to customers’ requirement.
---- Size of linear robot:3600mm * 2000mm * 1900mm
2.18 Pneumatic system
Consist of micron degree filter release valve, oil mist, pressure sensor and valves  block... so as to control the peeumatic load and unload. 

Polyurethane Foam sealing machine-advanced model


2.19 Electrical control system
Using PLC to control the electrical system, convenience to operate. The main parts are imported abroad, so tomake sure the control system’s safety.
English/Chinese language options 
---- Easy operate and visual view, the menus can be interactive programming though soft buttons,function buttons and toch screen interface.
---- The display and operation of injection system are completed though the same touch screen interface.
----- Multi-functional operation mode.
----- Receipt memory and password protection function.
---- SRS232 interface for program download.
---- Powerful HMI functions, it can set the status of raw material feeding, stirring, washing, display and control the pressure of components, the alarm of pressure less or more and the overpressure of pump, display and control the values of temperature...etc...
The strong alarm function can stop operation if it is urgent.
The electric cabinet including:
---- Computer program controller
---- Relays
---- Contactors
---- Switches, buttons, wirings
---- External Interface
---- Soft ware of PLC program



                                                 Part III PRICE ,PAYMENT, DELIVERYAND OTHERS


PRICE: Negotiated

Payments terms: by divided payments of

                30% T/T down payment and

                70% before delivery

       Or 100% irrevocable and confirmed L/C at sight, payable against shipping documents.

Delivery time: .60 days upon down payment or L/C

Validity time: 2 months

Period of validity of the price above: 60 days since the offer date.

Other terms
A. The seller will dispatch 1- 2 engineers from the seller to the buyer's factory for the installation and commissioning and  training, the buyer should be responsible for the cost of visa, flight tickets, the room and local area transporation, and allowance allowance USD60/day for each person of the engineer. 
The customer has to supply skilled workers (mechanical fitters as well as electricians) in a sufficient number.
Standard documentation (English version) in complete, consisting of:
* Plant installation drawing showing the interfaces of the supplied equipment with connections furnished by the customer, establishing their sittings.
* Flow diagram giving nominal pipe diameters of the machine
* El-CAD established electrical diagrams
* Assembly drawings of the most important plant components, showing general layout characteristics such as  main dimensions and operating data.
* Operating, maintenance and repair instructions
* The client shall prepare the air compressor on his own and decide whether to equip an air-freezing dryer or a water chiller.
* Any possibly existing plant or equipment that could obstruct access to the site must be removed.
* The customer supplies the raw materials and makes available all auxiliary mediums required for running the plant as required.
D Warranty for machinery: 12 months.





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